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what we do

Customized IT / software solutions 

Every organization, every company is different, and for them to breath seamlessly, the software they use must be a perfect fit of their needs. This is what we do.

Explore and realize ideas 

Happen to have a great idea, and need a hand in realizing its IT related part? This is what we do.

Seek development opportunities 

Keeping a wide angled sight is important to us, and we achieve it by learning constantly up to the new technologies, pioneering solutions, innovative designs. Challenge us: this is what we do.

Pro bono 

Does your project help non-profit / public services with tailored IT solutions? Discuss your idea with us, and get it done for a reduced fee or even for free: this is what we do.

how we do it

We work closely with our clients during the entire process of the development, making sure they get what they need.

The main milestones in getting a job done are: 

  1. provide a project plan with a quote based on the initial discussions with the client
  2. gather and document the requirements in a product specification (joint effort)
  3. design the product and its tests
  4. implement the product
  5. test and adjust the product until it meets all the requirements specified (joint effort)
  6. deliver the product
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Time, Budget, Quality

Let's play with our options! One may select two out of the three tiers below,

Relation between time, budget and quality

thus it leads them to one of the following situations:


    The best budget on the shortest time?

    The result is a cheap, unverifiable chaos and a useless product: garbage.


    The best quality on the shortest time?

    The result: empty pockets; the price of delivering fast a quality product is in the skies, growing even further during the development.


    Highest quality at best budget?

    The result is a quality product on controlled price, implemented and delivered on a realistic schedule: this is what we do.


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...and our greatest appreciation goes out to Jámbor Ferencz for designing them for us!

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